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The following resources are designed for trainers and owners to understand further about separation problems in dogs. We have created check lists, training schedules, posters and 7 day survival guides. These on-line courses will help lay the foundations to set people up to succeed with their dogs. Each day is a short video explanation, fun interactive training schedules, articles, posters and hand-outs.

The foundations of separation anxiety come from studies surrounding object permanence (knowing an object is there despite it being out of site). Studies show that dogs learn object permanence in specific contexts. The foundations of secure attachment are also important (Bowlby et al) as is stress prevention and of course it is important to consider critical periods and how letting a dog cry it out can be damaging.

The following resources will provide further reading (except Piaget’s Object Permanence explanation and the progression of this from the perspective of canines- this will be available in an upcoming article, which looks at the research in much greater detail)

Anyone who has purchased “The Essential Dog Trainers Resource Guide” now has FREE access to download the extra unit on separation resources. This is great to help when working with clients, vets, rescues etc.

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Courses & Resources (certificates downloadable and CEU’s on all of our courses):

Essential Dog Trainers Resource Guide (Trainer/Vet/Rescue): Posters, Handouts, Training Schedules, Socialisation, Critical Periods, Protocols, Habituation, Ladder of Aggression etc. Each one is downloadable in JPG, PNG & PDF:

 Published Articles:

Courses & Seminars:

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Upcoming Courses:

  • Neuroscience Of Puppy Development- A short course to cover the neural mechanisms of puppy development.
  • The Neuroscience Of Emotions In Training/Behaviour – A course covering the basics to help you understand and consider affective states to help you approach your training from the emotional perspective of the animal.
  • Clinical Aggression (protocols, understanding, training) A practical course, covering all of the latest research to give you a science based approach to understanding these challenges.
  • 6 Week Gundog Course- This covers the basics to set your dog up with the foundations. This will get him ready to go into the field. We use clicker training and science methods only. We help you build your dog from reliable foundations of trust and a solid bond.
  • How To Market Your Animal Business- How to win, maintain, grow your business with effective marketing & business development strategies. How to work as a team with your client to build solution based understanding and employ realistic & effective protocols. We will cover an interactive role play (workshop) to help develop your “influencing” skills and to help build your confidence in client based environments. How to go that extra mile but making sure you get a return on your efforts and reduce time wasted.
  • Resource Guarding- A working protocol with practical tips. This will cover dog-dog & dog-human resource management and modification techniques to build trust and build positive associations


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