Simple Quick Tips & Tricks To Help Grow Your (Animal Related) Business. Let’s Get Your Business Working For You

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We know you are going to love this one! We are sharing all of our best secrets on how to market & run your animal related business. How to engage your customer (so that he does the hard work for you), rather than just hit them with one dimensional campaigns and spam. We show you how to grow your brand & network to align yourself with high quality information.

Webinar Overview:
  • Is Certificated (gaining you CEU’s)
  • This webinar (1 hour) is only 19.95. We reveal all of our most secret resources and tips to help you effortlessly start up and run a successful business (with special focus on animal behaviour businesses).
  • It is available to anyone, anywhere in the world
  • Access is for life
  • We show you how to raise your company profile with free tips, books, articles, education, posters, presentations & videos etc.
  • Align your brand with high quality information & this will help to increase revenue. We show you how we do this.
  • We explain how to use your time in an effective way to qualify out leads which will turn into money for your business. We are giving away some of our most guarded secrets on how to get people to notice your business.


We hope you enjoy!

Webinar Content:

Where to get free resources such as posters, presentations, books, research articles, video recording (webinars/seminars) editing etc. This can be a very expensive area of your business and when people are starting out, they have little money to spare.


How to run a successful campaign to network yourself, get you thinking 360 about long term business and how to set yourself up to suceed


How to build a business pipeline, qualify out sales opportunities, prevent time wasters, get the right information by asking the right questions and drive sales to fruition. How to effectively ask questions.


We give an outline on how to run an effective consult. How to set up manage expectations and agree to what is an effective strategy going forward. Help you to manage expectation of pricing and give clear, concise instructions to clients. This means you can have a format that will be easy to replicate and follow. Therefore, making the most out of these visits.

Behaviour Problems

What behaviour problems there are have in general, whether it be excess, too little (skill deficit) or a performance problem. This will give you a guide to ANY behaviour problem such as why clients are not implementing plans or why an animal is not doing being successful.


How to market your business so that you can differentiate yourself from everyone else! This is key. It is not just advertising. It is aligning your brand with top quality information and a great message.

Public Relations

How to conduct yourself in public to help people trust your brand and raise awareness of your business. How to get other people to do the work for you!!


How to keep yourself productive, make sure you have the right balance. How to stay strong & what strategies will help you achieve this. Making sure your own basic needs are met is fundamental to running a successful business. This will help you to achieve your goals.

Free & Cheap Resources
Where to get free posters, presentations, webinars, web plug in’s, cheap advertising campaigns, free marketing & cheap resources. If you want any articles or posters designed please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

There is still so much more we would like to cover in future webinars and we are going to be running some workshops on this topic. Stay Tuned.

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