Assessing & Treating Target Behaviour Using Function Based Analysis

This seminar outlines the fundamental principles of applied behaviour analysis in the treatment of target behaviours.

Using the principles of ABA we explain how to assess behaviours based on their functions and maintaining variables.

We cover methods to increase repertoire and not on paradigms that serve to decelerate behaviour.

We have moved away from the outdated “behaviour modification” approach (and terminology) and towards a more systematic and data driven approach.

This approach is fundamental to helping you find more relevant techniques to help your clients meet their reinforcers.

The application of determinism will enable a more thorough & pragmatic approach, which fulfils the fundamental principles of science.

We show you the essential tools for:

  • Defining environmental stimuli
  • Operationally defining behaviour
  • What is ABA
  • Assessing and approaching a behaviour case,
  • How to identify causes & maintaining variables
  • How to collect data and information
  • Assess functions of behaviour
  • Conduct a brief functional analysis
  • Motivation assessment scale
  • Introduction to alternative schedules
  • Train clients
  • Systematically solve problems using experimental design and environmental manipulation

By applying functionally equivalent, relevant changes to problem behaviours we will be enabling significant long term changes for the long term good of any animal and their caregivers.

In order to gain your certificate in this course there is a short (10 question) exam. You cannot obtain your certificate unless you pass this exam. The questions will be on the exam material and in the form of multiple choice.

Please retain your certificate to show evidence required to gain CEU’s

Feel free to download posters and handouts which are available in the unit.

You do not have permission to disseminate or copy any of the course materials. All materials remain the property of Simply Behaviour Ltd.