Georgina Lees-Smith MSc ABA, BSc Hons, Phys, CDBC

Georgina is currently a PhD researcher within the field of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Roehampton (London) and the focus of her research is habitual mechanisms of behaviour.  She also works as a clinical behaviour analyst with people and is currently working towards her board certification for behaviour analysts (BACB). Her MSc project was on the role of auditory markers as secondary reinforcers to help learning in people (available here).

Her previous work was within the field of animal behaviour where she has worked at zoos,  research for a dog cognition project at Portsmouth University in Dr Juliane Kaminski’s team and she completed the IAABC Principles and Practice course.

Prior to her work with animals she complete a degree in medical biochemistry with honours in physiology and was involved in AIDS vaccine research, Giardia Lamblia protein sequence analysis and she worked as a microbiological researcher for Proctor & Gamble.

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