Abstinence IS recovery in addiction!

We have recorded our first full podcast which discusses the concept of abstinence and how we can construct new habits. Neuroscience, psychology and behaviour analysis are not joining up with their research which means that there are some quite significant gaps to our understanding of addiction and habits. Here we talk about Stimulus-Response learning and dopamine spikes.

The type of habit/addiction is not as important as the way it is contacting its reinforcer. Habits are typically learned through not every single instance of a response being reinforced (termed variable). Specifically, a period of time passes before a response brings about reinforcement. Pretty much as it is with social media and phone checking.

This is greatly impacting our impulse control because we are not able to delay gratification and things are so easily accessible. As a result, its changing the way we use our time and making us less productive.

We hope you enjoy the podcast and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Here is a link to listen to our podcast on: Abstinence IS Recovery

In addition, we are strong advocates for both antecedent (cues/contexts which trigger behaviour) arrangements and the use of technology to help us to uncouple cues associated with habits.

Therefore, we have been trialling the lockbox, as seen below. You can put keys, phones, cigarettes, credit cards or even a small internet router. This way, you can set a period of time without distraction to complete other worthwhile tasks. This helps to break bad habits and promotes development of new constructive habits.

It is available at the following link:

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Georgie and the team.