What we do and how we work

spaniel on bed

Benefits of training with Simply Behaviour

  • You are not  in a noisy hall which is likely to cause frustration and problems for nervous dogs
  • a dog that’s already nervous might be best trained alone because it feels overwhelmed or over-excited etc. when around other dogs
  • your dog might be reactive to dogs and other people, our courses and demo prof demo videos offer a way to train your animal away from others, To learn and overcome any dci  etc. etc. behaviors, simply b courses will override there underlying fears and will  install better confidence in your dog for  social situations with other dogs and people.
  • you can do it in your own time, in your own location
  • Receive a certificate to show your hard work
  • Each of our sections comes with troubleshooting
  • Get assessed by an instructor for a one off fee (£10)
  • Flexible – you do not have to get assessed, you can do the courses without this
  • Useful online training schedule with each course to monitor progress
  • Video guidance to talk you through the exercises
  • Behaviour training advice to help prevent unwanted behaviours
  • Science based techniques using proven methodologies