So You Want To Be A Puppy School Instructor?

We are so excited that we can now offer you free posters, hand-outs, schedules and diagrams to help you explain to your clients what is happening with their dog, why we do what we do and how we can prevent problems before they start.

We use Clicker and wonderful reward based fun games to help you show your clients how to build a strong bond with their dogs, we help you to make sure that people are setting their puppy up to succeed and make great decisions. We believe this can be achieved by putting in the right foundations in the critical early stages.

Each module has video demonstrations on how to set up various training scenarios and how to get the best out of each situation (antecedent arrangement, if you want to be technical about it). You can take as long as you like to complete the course, access is for life, it is fully viewable on any mobile device and has some great information and resources. All the information available is designed to help your practice and to share with your clients. We hope this saves you time and the hand-outs/posters look professional (even if we do say so ourselves). You will earn CEUs with this course too. (We are just waiting to hear how many points)

This is what the course covers:

Module 1
Puppy Pre-School course, Life stages, Chewing and Handling
Equipment what to choose, why and what we recommend
Outline: Socialisation with people and dogs
Habituation- training plan to get your dog used to different environments, surfaces, noises etc.
Owner education with the help of hand-outs & diagrams (fun for kids too)
Introduction to basic training
Handling to prevent behaviour problems- Help your vet & Groomer Visits go smoothly
Teaching him to like his equipment
Introduction to clicker
Toilet training
Crate Training
How do dogs learn? Alpha and Dominance are out the window!!
Training and habituation Schedule! Lets get started.
Why we need to be quick about Puppy Socialisation.
Handling Techniques
Puppy biting and chewing

Module 2
Dog-to-dog and dog-to-human play training
Safety around children
Play sessions – human and dog
Play sessions with other dogs step-by-step body language video and hand-out for clients

Module 3
Essential life training
This section will cover the basics to help you understand how to get started with training puppies. This is a basic guide. You will be assessed (optional) on many aspects of this course so make sure you are practising each step daily.
We count socialization & habituation as training too. You can use it as a tool to practice calling your dog away from distractions and learn the concept of value in training as well as free choice.
Training & Games with puppies

Module 4
Recall, ‘Leave it!’ and ‘Down!’ training
Teaching him to come when called
To leave something alone
Essential training

Module 5
Crate training
Training your dog to have his own den where great things happen is a fundamental part of having a dog.
Crate Training
House training -charts,posters, hand-outs to help!
Chew toy training and how to prevent destructive chewing and biting

Module 6
Health and diet
Your puppies health and how to feed.
Your dog’s diet – What is dangerous and how to avoid poisoning.
Feeding behaviour- Do not remove the bowl!
Canine Nutrition- What is really in your dogs food?
Your dog’s health (worming etc)

Module 7
Dog law
The things you need to know!
Unwritten Dog Law for dog owners!

Module 8
Quiz and final Assessment
This module requires you to submit a short video to show you have understood the training. There will be a couple of short questions to answer where you will have an opportunity to show how you understand the content.
Assessment is optional

Download your personalised certificate!

Earn CEU’s

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Upcoming Courses:

  • Neuroscience Of Puppy Development- A short course to cover the neural mechanisms of puppy development.
  • The Neuroscience Of Emotions In Training/Behaviour – A course covering the basics to help you understand and consider affective states to help you approach your training from the emotional perspective of the animal.
  • Clinical Aggression (protocols, understanding, training) A practical course, covering all of the latest research to give you a science based approach to understanding these challenges.
  • 6 Week Gundog Course- This covers the basics to set your dog up with the foundations. This will get him ready to go into the field. We use clicker training and science methods only. We help you build your dog from reliable foundations of trust and a solid bond.
  • How To Market Your Animal Business- How to win, maintain, grow your business with effective marketing & business development strategies. How to work as a team with your client to build solution based understanding and employ realistic & effective protocols. We will cover an interactive role play (workshop) to help develop your “influencing” skills and to help build your confidence in client based environments. How to go that extra mile but making sure you get a return on your efforts and reduce time wasted.
  • Resource Guarding- A working protocol with practical tips. This will cover dog-dog & dog-human resource management and modification techniques to build trust and build positive associations


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