Seven Day Separation Anxiety Survival Guide

Seven Day Separation Anxiety Survival Guide
Module 1 To teach a dog to like being left, we have to start with the right foundations and then go from there!
This 7 day survival guide will set you up with all of the information in a step-by-step process to help you leave your dog for gradual increments of time. It is important that we put the right foundations in place before we actually start to leave. Remember, dogs learn in very specific contexts, so, just because you can leave him and go to the bathroom does not mean he can be left at home on his own, or that you can start to leave him in new places. We advise you to start from scratch in new places/contexts because dogs do not generalise well. Separation Distress is by far one of the hardest things to crack, it can take considerable time. With the right commitment from you and the family, you should be able to make progress. The most important factor being, we set him up so that he does not vocalise/destroy or otherwise. We have to set him up so that this does not happen and this takes time. Please do not try to run before you can walk. It is best to be over cautious with increasing increments of time, rather than think you have solved it, for it only to start getting worse again (this can be dangerous and will take even more time to solve). Vocalising, destroying or otherwise are signs of stress and will not solve the problem. We have to build the right foundations so we can move forward in a positive/safe way. Foundations will remain shaky if we allow these stressful conditions to continue. We hope you enjoy the course, take your time, read the articles, fill out the diary, set him up with a great basis so he actually starts to enjoy being left! We have included some of the research articles/papers that provide us with more of an understanding of this topic. These are for trainers and behaviour people, to help with their practice and are optional reading. Good Luck!
Unit 1 Recommended Equipment & Treats.
Unit 2 Day 1
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Unit 4 Day 3
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