Seven Day Puppy Survival Guide (Any Level)

chihuahua-621112_1920Seven Day Puppy Survival Guide is a short course (9 units) which is aimed at owners, trainers or, enthusiasts. It covers the essential first week, which is the most crucial time for his neural development please see: The Neuroscience of puppy development. Start before you get him home. This course bridges the gap between getting him home and before he is allowed out to mix with other dogs. The course contains training, socialisation, potty training and habituation schedules.


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Seven Day Puppy Survival Guide
7 Day Puppy Survival Guide
Module 1 Puppy Seven Day Survival Guide
This is a step-by-step 7 day guide for new puppy owners. Each day (0-7) has a short video demonstration of each exercise, with downloadable schedules to record your progress. All videos are fully compatible with any mobile device for on-the-go training. Everyday we give you a new and unique exercise to try with your puppy, which is fun to try with the whole family. At the end of the course each participant receives a personalised certificate. This proves that you have survived the first 7 days of owning a puppy! Course includes: *Essential life training *Crate training *Potty Training *Safety *Socialisation *Habituation *Games *How to read his body language *Free choice training *Product recommendations and demonstrations *Clicker!!!!! *Choosing the right equipment *Exclusive discounts on essential products *Exclusive free food give away *Exclusive Free Kong Toy starter bundle for one lucky winner!! *Getting him used to noises, surfaces, people etc *Step-by-step socialisation guide when meeting other dogs *What is appropriate play *How to read stress in your dog *Prevention is better than cure Good Luck!!!
Unit 1 Recommended Equipment & Treats- Before You Get Started
Unit 2 Before You Get Your Puppy Home
Unit 3 Day 1: Crate, Potty, Clicker
Unit 4 Day 2: Playing Games To Get Him Used To His Equipment
Unit 5 Day 3: Essential Basic Training
Unit 6 Day 4: Essential Life Training
Unit 7 Day 5: Games, Biting, Chewing & Behaviour Training
Unit 8 Day 6: Handling, Socialisation & Habituation
Unit 9 Day 7: Step-By-Step Video On Dog Play, Body Language, Behaviour, Certificate