Recall Training & Behaviour Instructor Course

Recall (how to train your dog to come back) Instructor level
This 5 week course is for training instructors who want to help their clients get the best recall. We provide videos, posters, behaviour advice and resources.
Module 1 Learning and Behaviour
This module covers, how dogs learn, basics in behaviour and training protocols and prevention tools to help keep your dog safe, happy and to help you understand what is really going on with your dog.
Unit 1 Recommended Equipment & Treats
Unit 2 Behaviour Basics- Default Sit Stay
Unit 3 Learning Theory- Understanding The Complexities Of Relationships
Unit 4 Laying the foundations
Module 2 7 Day Recall Survival Guide
This is the module available to dog owners, trainers and enthusiasts. It is a short course, with a video exercise each day to set the foundations for a sold recall. We thought it might be a good resource to use for your clients. The course has proved very successful. We hope you enjoy it.
Unit 1 Day 1
Unit 2 Day 2
Unit 3 Day 3
Unit 4 Day 4
Unit 5 Day 5
Unit 6 Day 6
Unit 7 Day 7
Module 3 Laying the training foundations
We all have to start somewhere. We need the right equipment, environment, attitude, motivation and reinforcement!
Unit 1 Reinforcement schedules- The Science Behind Reliability
Unit 2 Clicker Training & Practical Handling Techniques
Unit 3 Habituation Development & Teaching A Deference As A Default To Prevent Aggression
Unit 4 Setting Up A Recall Process- Training Schedule
Module 4 Practical Recall Advice
This module shows you various video set ups to get you and your dog to understand how to get the best out of your training.
Unit 1 Proofing, Trouble Shooting Premack Proofing & Prey Drive In Recall
Module 5 Training overview and proofing your training
This goes through tips, advice and how to troubleshoot. We aim to give you enough tools to use effectively to get the best recall with your dog
Unit 1 Whistle Training, Thorndikes Law, Proofing, Summary & Certificate