Puppy Instructor Course


Puppy Instructor Course
This course contains everything you need to take puppy classes- show owners how to get the best out of their relationship with their young dogs & prevent behaviour problems.
Module 1 Puppy Pre-School course, Life stages, Chewing and Handling
Outline: Training Behaviour Socialisation Habituation Learning Theory Clicker Resources, training schedules, posters Articles Video demonstrations Essential life training Life Stages Dog-Dog interactions Play Toilet Training Chew Toy Training Separation problem prevention Retrieve training as a behaviour prevention tool and fun game 7 day puppy survival, retrieve, separation survival courses are included in this course Prevention is better than cure Equipment How to teach handling techniques (science based) Training techniques & troubleshooting Certificate
Unit 1 Recommended Equipment & Treats
Unit 2 Puppy Instructor: Resources For Your Clients- Articles, Posters, Schedules & Hand-Outs
Unit 3 Learning Theory- Understanding The Complexities Of Relationships
Unit 4 Training and Habituation Schedules
Unit 5 Why We Need To Be Quick About Puppy Socialisation.
Unit 6 Handling Techniques: The Science Behind Somatosensory Development & Psychobiological Substrates Of Bonding
Unit 7 Puppy Biting and Chewing
Module 2 Dog to dog and dog to human play training
Dog to dog and dog to human play training.
Unit 1 Play Sessions - Human & Dog
Unit 2 Getting Outside With Young Dogs & How To Help Them Make Good Decisions
Module 3 Essential life training
This section will cover the basics to help you understand how to get started with training your puppy. This is a basic guide. You will be assessed on many aspects of this course so make sure you are practising each step for about 10 minutes per day. Remember, we count socialization as training too. You can use it as a tool to practice calling your dog away from other dogs.
Unit 1 Training, Awareness, Games (Client Tasks) & Husbandry
Module 4 Recall, Leave it and Down- Essential Behaviour Problem Prevention
Teaching your dog to come when he's called, to leave something alone and showing how to not reinforce jumping up.
Unit 1 Essential Training, (Client) Tasks, Troubleshoots & Attention Exercises
Module 5 Crate & Safe Place Training
Training your dog to have his own den where great things happen is a fundamental part of having a dog.
Unit 1 Showing Him How To Like His Own Space
Unit 2 House Training
Unit 3 Chew Toy Training, How To Prevent Destructive Chewing
Module 6 Health and Diet (Resources)
Your puppies health and how to feed.
Unit 1 Things That Are Dangerous To Dogs- Teaching A Drop It & Leave It
Unit 2 Training Around Food To Prevent Behaviour Problems
Unit 3 Canine Nutrition Overview
Unit 4 Your Dog's Health- Fleas, Ticks, Worms & Vaccinations (Guidelines)
Unit 5 Neutering- What Are The Options/Consequences?
Module 7 Dog Law & Etiquette (Resources)
The things you need to know!
Unit 1 Dog Law & Etiquette
Module 8 7 Day Puppy Survival Guide (Resources For Dog Owners)
This is a stand alone course. We have included this because it bridges the gap between getting the puppy home and before he starts puppy classes. This is something you might want to recommend to clients to get them set up with the right foundations, thus making it easier for you, when they come to your classes.
Unit 1 Day 1: Crate, Potty, Clicker
Unit 2 Day 2: Playing Games To Get Him Used To His Equipment
Unit 3 Day 3: Essential Basic Training
Unit 4 Day 4: Essential Life Training
Unit 5 Day 5: Games, Biting, Chewing & Behaviour Training
Unit 6 Day 6: Handling, Socialisation & Habituation
Unit 7 Day 7: Step-By-Step Video On Dog Play, Body Language & Behaviour
Module 9 Teaching A Dog To Like Being Left (separation prevention 7 day guide) Resources
This is the stand alone course for dog owners to help them teach a dog to like being left. It includes training schedules, tips and techniques to help him to gradually be left for increasing increments of time. This is a guide to help you show clients the step by step process to teach him to like being left.
Unit 1 Separation Anxiety Checklist & Schedules
Unit 2 Day 1- Teaching Him To Be Left
Unit 3 Day 2 Learn That You Return
Unit 4 Day 3 Learn That You Return- Kong Training
Unit 5 Day 4 Learn That You Return, Building The Context
Unit 6 Day 5 Teaching A Dog To Like Being Left
Unit 7 Day 6 Learn That You Return Explaining Contexts
Unit 8 Day 7 Learn That You Return-Teaching A Safe Area
Module 10 7 Day Recall Survival Guide (Resources For Clients)
This is the stand alone 7 day recall survival course. It is here to help make sure you are covering all the bases when teaching clients the foundation of a good recall.
Unit 1 Day 1 Equipment, Setting Him Up To Succeed- What Is Recall?
Unit 2 Day 2 What Is Value, Introduction To Behaviour (Body Language)
Unit 3 Day 3 Basic Foundations, Setting Him Up To Succeed & Appropriate Play
Unit 4 Day 4 Handling Techniques & Opposition Reflex
Unit 5 Day 5 Teaching The Emergency Stop
Unit 6 Day 6 Showing Him That Checking In Is Fun
Unit 7 Day 7 Body Language, Socialisation & Certification