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Essential Resource Guide

Examples of some of the posters available: Please mote the JPG of the IAABC posters are free with this course. To get the PDF’s you can join

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Are you a Vet, Rescue, Training or Behaviour Establishment, School, Pet Shop or Groomer?

Our Essential Training Resource Guide is an invaluable resource for pet businesses. We are happy to announce that we include (in this pack) for free, the IAABC series of posters designed by the Lili Chin. We have designed the following posters, handouts, schedules and resources so that you can display them in your organisation and give out to your clients.

Please Note:

  • We are adding to this all of the time
  • Access is for life, so you can always log in and get our new posters
  • You get 2.5 CEUS for buying these posters
  • You get a certificate to prove you are allowed to distribute these resources.
  • None of our posters or resources should be modified, copied or altered in any way. Please contact us if you would like to use these for commercial purposes.
  • The posters are available in downloadable formats: PDF,JPG & PNG
  • The IAABC posters are available in Spanish, Japanese, Norwegian, French & German.
  • Our Ladder has already been translated into Chinese
  • Our Ladder is used in universities all over the world

The Pack Includes: 

  • Socialisation Poster
  • Critical Periods
  • Ladder Of Aggression
  • When Does He Need To Go Out?
  • Potty Training Schedule
  • Training Schedule
  • Dog Owners Fun Training Schedule
  • Habituation Schedule (PDF ONLY- the most extensive list you will find)
  • Separation Anxiety Checklist & Schedule
  • Muzzle Awareness Posters
  • What Would You Like Your Dog To Do Instead?
  • Say NO To Onlead Greetings
  • Is Your Dog Scared- Dog Park Etiquette Series English/French
  • What To Do If Your Dog Is Scared
  • Is Your Dog Being Pushy?
  • How To Deal With Your Dog When He Is Being Pushy

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Behaviour Consultancy Resources & Protocols For Treating Dogs/Cats & Other Animals

Our Behaviour Consultancy Practice Resources For Applied Behaviourists is a complete resource pack for behaviour professional. We use up-to-date scientific methods such as applied behaviour analysis (ABA), Functional Analysis and  applied veterinary behaviour protocols to help identify, manage, treat, track, report, manage and work through behaviour problems: These resources are suitable for the treatment of dogs & cats, but can be adjusted to other animals.

By using scientific principles in your practice you are able to have a clear treatment path which is essential to standardise and apply consistent methods which are clear and measurable to everyone involved. Applying scientific principles is the only way to track progress, record data and show what is working.

These are all developed by our certified applied behaviourist and you can use them as often as you need to in your practice (access is for life and all of our courses carry CEU’s).  See: Authors Biography


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Essential Resources: 

  • Client history & questionnaires
  • Vet referral forms
  • Monitoring progress forms (dog & cat)
  • Free webinar for presenting applied behaviour analysis & behaviour modification techniques for you to present at local vets (or make your own) to help you explain how we can implement behaviour change and work with them to provide workshops, resources and socialisation classes using the best practice to prevent and identify potential behaviour problems before they develop. We also include how stress effects behaviour and the importance of low stress handling techniques for ease in their practice. Helping you and your vet work and understand each other better.
  • Levels of analysis charts & graphs to track changes and progress
  • Proposed hierarchy of intervention strategies
  • ABC’s & ABA Explained
  • Functional assessment & intervention example and framework for your own practice

Practical Resources & Charts To Use With Your Clients:

  • Distant antecedents
  • Setting events
  • Motivating Operations
  • Behaviour Functions
  • Immediate Antecedents
  • Behaviour Consequence
  • Replacement Behaviour
  • Desired Behaviour- What is the most appropriate one to choose?
  • Training & Reinforcement
  • Procedures, Implementations & Tracking Changes
  • Evaluation
  • Functional Assessment Resources
  • Using FAID & Implementing behaviour change based on FAID
  • Using single study design to change behaviour and track progress (graphs, charts & worksheets
  • SSR (single study research) resources and collection tools for clients and your practice
  • Framework for solving behaviour problems using functional assessment and intervention planning
  • Functional Assessments
  • Developing A Behaviour Change Plan
  • Setting Target Behaviour Outcomes
  • Decreasing & Measuring Problem Behaviour
  • Implement Changes & Tracking Resources
  • Further References, Courses, Organisations and Materials Recommended
  • ABA Functional analysis questionnaires


  • Level 0 protocol, putting the foundations in place
  • Level 1 protocol for teaching a default
  • Level 2 uncoupling cues, counter-conditioning & desensitization for departures, approaches, noises, resource & utility challenges, impulse control, elimination problems, inter-cat and inter-dog problems

Specific protocols to help identify, understand, prevent and treat:

  • Panic Disorder (PD)
  • Generalised Anxiety Disorer (GAD)
  • Impulse Control Disorder (ICD)
  • Aggression related to impulse control
  • Fear related aggression
  • Resource aggression
  • Dog-Dog aggression
  • Territorial aggression
  • Separation anxiety
  • OCD
  • Redirected or Frustration Aggression
  • Attention Seeking behaviour
  • Using medication
  • Equipment to use
  • How to deal with household changes that affect the animal
  • Assessing pain or stress dogs & cats
  • Basic behaviour protocols for puppy or new dog
  • Introducing a new household member (dog, cat, other animal & baby)
  • Teaching appropriate play for household members dogs & cats
  • Toys & activities for dogs and cats

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