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Emotional Contagion & Empathy- A Neuroscientific Approach (Dogs)

This is part of our new series of short courses where

Course includes:

  • 20 Minute video including the abstract and discussion on emotional contagion- Plus an experiment
  • All current research from a neuroscience and psychological perspective
  • Information on the neural mechanisms involved in brain networks when animals communicate
  • A philosophical discussion on the interpretation of the information presented in the data
  • A personalised certificate to show your attendance
  • Up to 10 hours reading (all reference material provided)
  • Gaining you CPD points towards your behaviour accreditation
  • All references and material is available for you to do further research
  • After this course, you should be able to write with confidence on the subjects surrounding emotional contagion, empathy and how this relates to the brain activity and the socialisation of animals and understand how the brain is involved with empathy and emotional contagion.

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brook puppy picture

Seven Day Puppy Survival Guide

This is a step-by-step 7 day guide for new puppy owners.

Each day (0-7) has a short video demonstration of each exercise, with downloadable schedules, to record your progress.

All videos are fully compatible with any mobile device for on-the-go training.

Everyday we give you and your family a fun, unique exercise to try with your puppy.

At the end of the course, each participant receives a personalised certificate, to prove they have survived the first 7 days of owning a puppy!

Course includes:

  • Essential life training
  • Crate training
  • Potty Training
  • Safety
  • Socialisation
  • Habituation
  • Games
  • How to read his body language
  • Free choice training
  • Product recommendations and demonstrations
  • Clicker!!!!!
  • Choosing the right equipment
  • Exclusive discounts on essential products (for all course participants)
  • Exclusive free food give away (and registration with a puppy health club for every participant)
  • Exclusive Free Kong Toy starter bundle for one lucky winner
  • Getting him used to noises, surfaces, people etc
  • Step-by-step socialisation guide when meeting other dogs
  • What is appropriate play
  • How to read stress in your dog
  • Prevention is better than cure

Good Luck!!!

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Puppies & Beginners Instructor Course- Prevention is better than cure!

Puppy & Beginners Instructor Course is for instructors and people who want to run puppy classes.
This course is modular, contains schedules, hand-outs, posters and resources that you can use in your practice. We have detailed habituation schedules, critical period sheets, training, potty, socialisation, ladder of aggression explanation, clicker introduction and we cover learning theory. Each module contains step by step instructions, trouble shoots, video explanations and guides to help you cover every eventuality.

  • Puppy Pre-School course, Life stages, Chewing and Handling
  • Outline: Socialisation with people and dogs
  • Habituation- training plan to get your dog used to different environments, surfaces, noises etc.
  • Owner education Introduction to basic commands Handling
  • Preventing behaviour problems
  • Toilet training Crate Training

Course Units:

  • How do dogs learn? Alpha and Dominance are out the window!
  • Training and habituation Schedule! Lets get started
  • Why we need to be quick about Puppy Socialisation
  • Handling Techniques to help vets, groomers etc
  • Puppy biting and chewing, what to do!
  • Dog to dog and dog to human play training
  • Dog to dog and dog to human play training
  • Play sessions – human and dog
  • Play sessions with other dogs and when to end it.

Essential life training

  • Training & Games with your puppy
  • Recall, ‘Leave it!’ and ‘Down!’ training
  • Teaching your dog to come when he’s called, to leave something alone and to get down
  • Crate training
  • Training your dog to have his own den where great things happen is a fundamental part of having a dog
  • House training
  • Chew toy training and how to prevent destructive chewing

Health and diet

  • Your puppies health and how to feed.
  • Your dog’s diet – What is dangerous and how to avoid poisoning
  • Feeding behaviour- Do not remove the bowl!
  • Canine Nutrition- What is really in your dogs food?
  • Your dog’s health
  • Neutering
  • Dog law
  • The things you need to know!

Quiz and final Assessment (optional)


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Recall Instructor Course

“My dog has an excellent recall at home, or in the garden, but as soon as he sees another dog/deer/rabbit/human, he turns deaf”.
Recall is being able to call your dog to you and away from any object.

We have training schedules, posters, step by step videos, introduction to default behaviours, explaining reinforcement schedules, learning theory, equipment & value!

This course covers:

Learning and Behaviour

  • This module covers, how dogs learn, basics in behaviour and training protocols and prevention tools to help keep your dog safe & happy
  • Behaviour Basics- Default Sit Stay
  • Learning theory- There really is no Alpha or Dominance!
  • Laying the foundations
  • Reinforcement schedules- How to make yourself more attractive to your dog!
  • Laying the training foundations
  • We all have to start somewhere. We need the right equipment, environment, attitude, motivation and reinforcement!
  • Equipment we recommend
  • Training (and habituation Schedule) Lets get started
  • What is recall?

This module shows you various video set ups to get you and your dog to understand how to get the best out of your training.

  • Setting up different scenarios

Training overview and proofing your training

This goes through tips, advice and how to troubleshoot. We aim to give you enough tools to use effectively to get the best recall with any dog.

  • Come back when called- Overview

Final Assessment

Certificate 🙂

And in many different environments.

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Heelwork (how to stop a dog pulling on the lead)

Does your dog pull? Have you tried everything to try and stop him? Are you beginning to think there isn’t a solution?

The best way to get any dog to walk with you is to make it fun (works for humans too). For those with a puppy, for instance, part of this course is called Leads and collars are fun. This shows you how to introduce leads and collars to your puppy before training begins.

Most importantly, remember that this training will take time. Heelwork training should be increased gradually, so your dog associates going for walks with having fun.

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Introduction to the Neuroscience of Behaviour

This course is open to anyone who wants to know what their dog is thinking. It covers some of the basic concepts in neuroscience, current research findings, applications for modification techniques and provides a platform to help you think for yourselves about what is actually going on with your animals. This covers the mammal brain which has similar homology throughout. This will be the first in a series that will cover current research behind some important aspects of neuroscience, genetics, epigenetics and physiology. We hope you enjoy!

  • Introduction to the central nervous system
  • Chemical messengers/Neuromodulation
  • DNA replication and its implication in behaviour modification
  • Brain anatomy relating to function, fear, emotion and behaviour outputs
  • Stress reduction techniques, why we use love and play and what is happening in the brain!
  • Current research into mammal brains and behaviour

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