Resources For Animal Professionals (Posters, Hand-Outs, Socialisation, Habituation, Awareness, Ladder of Aggression) Available In PDF,JPG & PNG

The Essential Dog Trainer’s Resource guide is a pack of posters, schedules, training protocols, awareness & behaviour resources to help educate people around dogs.

Access to these posters is for life. We are adding to the course all of the time. They are available in all 3 formats (depending on what you prefer) PDF,JPG & PNG. Most people get a set professionally printed and use them to educate owners in their practice. The training guides can be printed off and put into the information packs that vets, training centres and rescue organisations give to dog owners. The posters can be downloaded as many times as you like for distribution among your network.

You get a certificate to prove you have permission to distribute our posters. It looks like this:








Puppy and Dog Training Information:

Corresponding courses: 7 Day Puppy Survival Guide (owner/enthusiast/professional) and for instructors we offer a full course for training puppies Puppy Training Classes Instructor Course



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Other courses containing schedules for training are:

Ladder Of Aggression

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Please note:  We have an extensive habituation schedule and guide which is pdf format only. This is the most exhaustive list of things to habituate dogs and puppies to. It has a guide on how to make it a positive experience to help with the process.

To purchase this poster pack please go to: Essential Training Resource Guide

We have developed a step by step course on the subject of emotional contagion and empathy. We cover anatomy, video discussion on empathy and emotional contagion, brain systems, the latest evidence and a discussion of the wonderful “do as I do” approach and how dogs interpret information through their mirror neuron and visual stream systems. This is our new course and we absolutely love it. There is an extensive list of references throughout and at the end. We hope you enjoy the discussion. You can work through this at your own pace, get your CEU’s and certificate as part of your professional development (all of our courses carry CEU’s). Please go to: Emotional Contagion & Empathy, The Neural Mechanisms & Evidence In Dog Behaviour

We have two neuroscience seminars which give you an overview of the brain systems, neurotransmitters, cranial nerves and nerve impulse transmission relating to long term potentiation (LTP) and long term depression (LTD).. These mechanisms are explained in terms of learning and upregulation of DNA transcription factors and how activity at the synapses is involved with learning and what that means in terms of behaviour modification. All of the current evidence is discussed relating to the state of the animal and the best way to help him make good decisions. Basically, how having agency of his own mind is crucial to learning as well as the right level of challenge and “stress”. Obviously, too much stress is a hindrance to learning. There is a drop-box link to the research papers used in these seminars. Please book your place at: Introduction To the Science Of Behaviour (Beginners) Seminar and Introduction To the Neuroscience of Behaviour On-line Seminar (Degree level)