The Neuromechanisms Of Emotional Contagion and Empathy *

Emotional Contagion & Empathy In Dogs- A Neurosciences perspective on the mechanisms involved with social interactions between animals. Particular focus is on dogs.

    • 20 Minute video including the abstract and discussion on emotional contagion- Plus an experiment
    • All current research from a neuroscience and psychological perspective
    • Information on the neural mechanisms involved in brain networks when animals communicate
    • A philosophical discussion on the interpretation of the information presented in the data
    • A personalised certificate to show your attendance
    • Up to 10 hours reading (all reference material provided)
    • Gaining you CPD points towards your behaviour accreditation
    • All references and material is available for you to do further research
    • After this course, you should be able to write with confidence on the subjects surrounding emotional contagion, empathy and how this relates to the brain activity and the socialisation of animals and understand how the brain is involved with empathy and emotional contagion.

After the course is complete you are free to download your certificate and obtain your CEUs. We estimate the time to complete the course around 2 hours. Study time on top of this could be 4 or more hours depending on your interest. Please let us know if it is taking you longer so we know how many CEU’s to allow for.