Seven Day Puppy Survival Guide (Any Level)

Seven Day Puppy Survival Guide is a short course (9 units) which is aimed at owners, trainers or, enthusiasts. It covers the essential first week, which is the most crucial time for his neural development please see: The Neuroscience of puppy development. Start before you get him home. This course bridges the gap between getting him home and before he is allowed out to mix with other dogs. The course contains training, socialisation, potty training and habituation schedules.


We provide articles, resources and videos to explain how to set your dog up with the right foundations to succeed in training, play and socialising. All of our courses carry CPD points towards certification (please retain your certificate).

Course Format: A short video each day giving games, tasks, training & tips as well as posters, schedules and resources.

Puppy Seven Day Survival Guide:

  • Unit 1 Recommended Equipment & Treats- Before You Get Started
  • Unit 2 Before You Get Your Puppy Home
  • Unit 3 Day 1: Crate, Potty, Clicker
  • Unit 4 Day 2: Playing Games To Get Him Used To His Equipment
  • Unit 5 Day 3: Essential Basic Training
  • Unit 6 Day 4: Essential Life Training
  • Unit 7 Day 5: Games, Biting, Chewing & Behaviour Training
  • Unit 8 Day 6: Handling, Socialisation & Habituation
  • Unit 9 Day 7: Step-By-Step Video On Dog Play, Body Language, Behaviour, Certificate

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