Recall Instructor Course


This course is for training instructors from any discipline who want to use positive reinforcement training (ONLY) to help their clients get the best recall. We provide advice, resources, videos, posters, behaviour tips, up to date research, practical tips, troubleshoots, how to manage client parameters, learning theory & reinforcement protocols. Please keep your certificate to gain CPD points towards your professional certification. (access to this course is for life)

Course Modules:

Module 1 

  • Learning & Behaviour
  • Recommended Equipment & Treats
  • Behaviour Basics- Default Sit Stay
  • Learning theory- There really is no Alpha or Dominance
  • Laying the foundations

Module 2 (7 Day Recall Survival Guide)

This is the module available to dog owners, trainers and enthusiasts. It is a short course (within this course), with a video exercise each day to set the foundations for a sold recall. It is a good resource to use for your clients.

What Is Covered: 

  • Recommended equipment
  • Setting him up to succeed
  • Rock solid sit
  • Sit-stay
  • Emergency stop, Stop in motion
  • Car rules, getting in and out safely
  • Impulse control
  • Release cues
  • Adding distance to the recall
  • Proofing of training in contexts
  • Handling of the equipment and how to practice effectively handling your dog on a long line
  • How to prevent behaviour problems with a great recall
  • What behaviours signal stress and how this affects his learning
  • How to be more valuable than everything else in the environment
  • Fun training schedule
  • Signs that he is confused or needs more information
  • Safety and proofing of training (fun tasks)
  • Dog-Dog interaction video step by step explanation in context
  • Phasing out the food to keep him motivated

Module 3

  • Laying the training foundations
  • Reinforcement schedules- The Science Behind Reliability
  • Clicker Training
  • Practical Handling Techniques
  • Habituation Development
  • Teaching A Deference As A Default To Help Prevent Aggression
  • Setting Up A Recall Process- Training Schedule

Module 4

  • Practical Recall Advice
  • Proofing,
  • Troubleshooting
  • Premack Proofing
  • Prey Drive In Recall

Module 5

  • Training overview
  • Proofing your training
  • Whistle Training
  • Thorndike’s Law
  • Final Points
  • Summary & Certificate

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