Puppy Instructor Course

This is a 10 module complete course with videos, posters, client resources, troubleshoots, articles, play, safety, behaviour and training tips. This is everything you need to know to set a puppy up to succeed (and the owners) and prevent behaviour problems. We have updated all of our protocols based on current scientific research and knowledge. All of our resources can be used to help your clients.

Included in this course is the 7 day survival series for your clients. They cover Recall, Separation prevention and first 7 days of owning a puppy. (access is for life and you can take as long as you need to complete the modules) Do not forget to retain your certificate for CPD and CEU’s. All of our courses carry points towards professional development.

Our stand alone 7 day series can be found here:

Module 1

  • Recommended Equipment & Treats
  • Puppy Instructor: Resources For Your Clients- Articles, Posters, Schedules & Hand-Outs
  • Learning Theory- Understanding The Complexities Of Relationships and why we do not use pack and dominance based methodologies
  • Training and Habituation Schedules
  • Why We Need To Be Quick About Puppy Socialisation.
  • Handling Techniques: The Science Behind Somatosensory Development & Psychobiological Substrates Of Bonding
  • Puppy Biting and Chewing- Practical Tips

Module 2

  • Dog to dog and dog to human play training
  • Play Sessions – Human & Dog
  • Getting Outside With Young Dogs, How To Help Them Make Good Decisions & Keep Them Safe

Module 3

  • Essential life training
  • Training,Behaviour Awareness, Games (Client Tasks) & Husbandry

Module 4

  • Recall, Leave it and Down- Essential Behaviour Problem Prevention
    Teaching your dog to come when he’s called, to leave something alone and showing how to not reinforce jumping up.
  • Essential Training, (Client) Tasks, Troubleshoots & Attention Exercises

Module 5

  • Crate & Safe Place Training
  • Showing Him How To Like His Own Space
  • House Training
  • Chew Toy Training, How To Prevent Destructive Chewing

Module 6

  • Health & Diet (Resources)
  • Things That Are Dangerous To Dogs- Teaching A Drop It & Leave It around food, using rewards and value
  • Training Around Food To Prevent Behaviour Problems
  • Your Dog’s Health- Fleas, Ticks, Worms & Vaccinations (Guidelines)
  • Neutering- What Are The Options/Consequences?

Module 7

  • Dog Law & Etiquette (Resources)
  • The things you need to know!

Module 8

  • 7 Day Puppy Survival Guide (Resources For Dog Owners)
    This is a stand alone course. We have included this because it bridges the gap between getting the puppy home and before he starts puppy classes. This covers the basics for your clients to get them set up with the right foundations.
  • Day 1: Crate, Potty, Clicker
  • Day 2: Playing Games To Get Him Used To His Equipment
  • Day 3: Essential Basic Training
  • Day 4: Essential Life Training
  • Day 5: Games, Biting, Chewing & Behaviour Training
  • Day 6: Handling, Socialisation & Habituation
  • Day 7: Step-By-Step Video On Dog Play, Body Language & Behaviour

Module 9

  • Teaching A Dog To Like Being Left (separation prevention 7 day guide) Resources for dog owners
    This is the stand alone course for dog owners to help them teach a dog to like being left. It includes training schedules, tips and techniques to help him to gradually be left for increasing increments of time. This is a guide to help you show clients the step by step process to teach him to like being left.
    Separation Anxiety Checklist & Schedules
  • Day 1- Teaching Him To Be Left- object permanence and secure attachment
  • Day 2 Learn That You Return
  • Day 3 Learn That You Return- Kong Training
  • Day 4 Learn That You Return, Building The Context
  • Day 5 Teaching A Dog To Like Being Left
  • Day 6 Learn That You Return Explaining Contexts
  • Day 7 Learn That You Return-Teaching A Safe Area

Module 10

  • 7 Day Recall Survival Guide (Resources For Clients)
    This is the stand alone 7 day recall survival course. It is here to help make sure you are covering all the bases when teaching clients the foundation of a good recall.
  • Day 1 Equipment, Setting Him Up To Succeed- What Is Recall?
  • Day 2 What Is Value, Introduction To Behaviour (Body Language)
  • Day 3 Basic Foundations, Setting Him Up To Succeed & Appropriate Play
  • Day 4 Handling Techniques & Opposition Reflex- Why it does not work from a behaviour perspective
  • Day 5 Teaching The Emergency Stop
  • Day 6 Showing Him That Checking In Is Fun
  • Day 7 Body Language, dog-dog Socialisation video


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