COMING SOON!!!! Gundog Training Course

Summary Of Things Taught On The Foundation Gundog Training Course.


We are teaching:

  • Handling, Husbandry & Equipment
  • Learning Theory & Applied Behaviour Techniques (increasing repertoires of behaviour and not using anything that suppresses or decreases repertoire aka no physical reprimands AT ALL)
  • Training & Behaviour Tips
  • Downloadable Training Schedules & Information (for you & clients)
  • Clicker- What is it, How To Use It & What For
  • Basics: Retrieve, Recall & Walking On Lead
  • Stay/Wait In Car, Field & Around Distractions


  • Stop Whistle (1 long pip)
  • Start Whistle (1 short pip)
  • Come Back & Sit (3 short pips)
  • Left & Right Hand Signal With & Without Retrieve
  • Retrieve To Hand Left, Right & Back Hand Signals
  • Hunt & Scent Games
  • Quartering On Hand Signal
  • Drop Object On Cue
  • Walk To Heel (side pat/point prompts)
  • Impulse Control  & Stimulus Control
  • Distance Sit (whistle) & Down (arm up)
Youtube Version Of Video

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This Course Will Be Live By 15th Feb 2017. To Register Your Interest:

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