Breaking Up With Habits!

My name is Georgina, I am a PhD researcher, clinical behaviour analyst and my specialist area of interest is habitual responding in humans. I am delighted to announce that today I have launched my new podcast series on habitual behaviour in humans.

I will be interviewing people from various backgrounds who are successful in their fields and able to share some of their personal insights with you. In addition, I am researching habitual behaviour for my PhD and so would be very keen to give you insights to my findings within this field to help you realise your values, goals and hopefully contribute towards your success going forward.

I have spent the last 30 days trialling a piece of technology which has changed my behaviour from “habit” (AKA stimulus-response) to goal-directed. Please see product below (available from Amazon) and listen to my quick bitesize podcast below to find out more.

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Podcast link:

Using Technology To Change Our Habits With Technology At Home During Lockdown.

Lock box below was used to break bad habits.