Behaviour Consultations

We are now taking behaviour consultations in the Hampshire, Portsmouth, Surrey and surrounding areas. Georgina is currently working on a dog cognition research project at Portsmouth University so it is advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Please print off the vet referral form and fill it in. Once we receive this form via email ( we will contact you to arrange a visit. If you would like to arrange a consultation please feel free to call us on 07507418407. Please register and pay for your consultation by using the link below. This will mean that you can log in and keep a record of your progress (we are required to keep detailed records of our work and this is a great way to track this). We will provide you with private reports and behaviour protocols that are relevant and specific to your case and these will be shared with your veterinary surgeon.

The consultation consists of at least 2 hours face to face. We will take video footage and photos where appropriate and provide you with simple charts to fill in and track progress with your dog. Each behaviour case is treated as a single subject study which will be tailored specifically for you. We will be applying the principles of applied behaviour analysis and use current research methodologies. The aim of our work is to find the least intrusive methods, provide a framework for learning using the function of your dogs already “unwanted” behaviour to help find a solution that satisfies his motivation towards this current set of behaviours but replacing them with ones that are more desirable and reinforceable. Therefore, creating an environment for both of you that can be mutually reinforcing. We often need to put in the foundations for the animal so that stress is reduced and the first part of this is setting him up to succeed. As a caregiver, it is important that you are happy to record progress as it happens.

After our initial consultation you will get 3 extra telephone conversations (to be arranged at mutually convenient times) or 1 further meeting. Any additional meetings on top of this will be charged at £40 per visit (plus petrol if it is outside a 10 mile radius). Payment will be through the website.

Some insurance companies will offer cover for behaviour work. This is usually limited to around £500-700. It is important for you to check your policy.

Vet referral form  (please fill this in and send back via email to


Please note: We accept JPG (or suitable alternative) files via email. Most practices tend to send a photo of the completed form so we both have a copy for our records.