Sworn Oath & Principles

Every business has a duty to communicate clearly what people can expect when they have dealings with them.

We want to ensure that everyone has the same positive experience

We believe that people can relax because they know what to expect and most of all, when people feel that they have power and control it helps them feel safe to make the right decisions. Decisions that are made out of aversion often have undesirable consequences for the sender and receiver.

It is for this reason that we need to be clear about what Simply Behaviour represents to you on a personal level and how you can expect us to conduct ourselves.

We promise you, that we will eat, sleep and breath these principles:

  • Every single person we come into contact with, will have a positive experience with Simply Behaviour.
  • We will do everything we can to make sure we deal with your queries quickly, efficiently and with absolute integrity.
  • We believe that this is your website, the information that is brought to you is of the best possible quality and we will make sure it is always affordable.
  • We want to promote prevention of problems as much as possible. This will innoculate against problems further down the line.
  • We provide information that is mostly a framework to build your own practice. This is designed to help you to think objectively for yourself. We have already inspired many forward thinking professionals from many disciplines.
  • We are constantly exploring new ways of thinking, based on the most innovative research to date.
  • Science is constantly changing, ideas are continually forming and we hope to inspire the inner scientist within you
  • We urge you to set out on a question without proving what you already know. Its good to be proved wrong! Try it!
  • Most importantly, your feedback is highly welcomed and any suggestions on what we can do to make things better.

We believe, that in order for us to continue to improve, you are the ones that can really help us to reach this goal. Please talk to us if you have any questions on anything. We promise to be very friendly!

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We promise:

  • To answer every query as soon as we can, as soon as it arises
  • To operate with the highest respect and integrity towards you
  • To have compassion towards everyone no matter what they do or say (people are just doing the best they can)
  • To understand that if people are being aggressive, defensive or negative it is because they have questions that need answering and we promise to address things with compassion, privately.
  • We understand that pain arises in situations that people feel challenges their beliefs. We are compassionate about this, because we understand it.
  • We will never disclose any private information about any person unless we believe it is for their own benefit legally or otherwise

We believe:

  • When we communicate it should be useful, compassionate and kind.
  • We will not get involved in emotive disputes.
  • We aim to give thought provoking information that inspires innovation within your practice
  • Questions are the key to understanding
  • We are not aiming to create a society full of, labelled humans and have no interest in an “us” or “them” culture. Everyone is welcome here. Without ego.
  • We believe that everyone can learn from anyone.
  • We promote open and honest communication. We urge you to ask yourself: Is this helpful? Is this Compassionate? Is this kind?

Oath to our furry companions:

  • We will walk/stimulate and (or) enrich you every single day as appropriate to your specific needs
  • We will always ensure that you are wearing your harnesses and appropriate comfortable equipment
  • We will always use free choice techniques and our understanding of your emotional well being to communicate with you. The best situation is that, chosen by you (where it is safe to do so).
  • If we find that the stress of our lives makes us feel that we are not able to draw from our toolbox, we will do everything we can to act compassionately towards both ourselves and you
  • We will always draw on our trusted colleagues to get the best advice possible to make the absolute best decision.
  • We will attend, read, learn, practice and educate ourselves continually to understand how to can be the best we can possibly be for you.
  • We will NEVER label anyone, unless it is for the purpose of further exploring a subject or, to give context to understanding.
  • We will train you every single day with free choice techniques
  • We will take you to new places to keep you stimulated and interested (as safe to do so)
  • We will play toys with you every single day and spend a considerable amount of time handling and giving you affection
  • We will never correct you unless it is for your absolute safety
  • We will not use any equipment unless it is for your absolute safety- As much as possible, your own free choice will be of the highest importance.
  • We will never use any equipment that works to suppress a behaviour or has the intention of hurting you in anyway.
  • We will never shout at you in anger
  • We will feed and give you the best care that is possibly available
  • We will listen and try to understand everything you try to tell us
  • We will  make it our life’s mission to get a better understanding of your psychological, physical, medical and nutritional needs
  • We will try every single day to engage you in activities that are an important requirement for your specific needs as an animal
  • We will never make a decision that is for the benefit of our own emotional needs over something that is the best possible option for you.
  • We will never cause, maintain or allow any suffering whatsoever in your life
  • We will take more time out for ourselves to have fun and stop worrying about doing everything perfectly the whole time

We all need to understand:

  • If you set out with a particular intention in mind, it is likely that it will have an element of control and possibly suppression. If this is the case and your expectation is not met, how would that make you feel? Always try to make sure you are prepared to be wrong. Try to be mindful of your intentions and what you are trying to achieve.
  • Being wrong is excellent. We should love it. It helps us learn
  • Being right is excellent. We should love it. It helps us learn
  • Nothing is permanent
  • No-one is one label and we should not be defined as such
  • Everyone gets stressed
  • No such thing as a stupid question. We should encourage open, honest questions and try to answer from the viewpoint of genuinely trying to help the person to understand.
  • Always ask questions
  • Suppression of behaviour stops the expression, causes frustration and makes it worse- Behaviour is communication and communication is what we want to encourage.
  • Everyone has a voice and they should be allowed to express it
  • No-one is perfect
  • If you have a problem with someone you should address it with them as a first point of action as much as possible. Be careful how others perceive you, you could be breeding mistrust.
  • Always find out the facts for yourself, question everything, discussions are fun and designed to help you understand the others viewpoint (often better than your own)
  • Always ask yourself: Is this compassionate? Is this useful? Does this help?
  • If you see someone struggling with an empty tool box you are better to show them compassion and understanding by helping them/showing them, rather than using tactics which you yourself are against.
  • Always ask yourself what your intention is
  • Do not be afraid to ask for the data or to get people to explain themselves if you do not understand. Verbal communication (or written) is sometimes open to different interpretations.

This is our oath to you all. We will update it from time to time to reflect our new learning objectives. Our members and affiliates will subscribe to our practice as part of their membership criteria.

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