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paws-186227“Human belief systems, frequently display one-sided cognition. This is often biased towards what the sender infers the receiver to “already know”. Because the sender understands it, he can only assume that the receiver does too (he cannot decentre from his own cognition). People can learn to decenter. Appropriate understanding & training means we can capture, utilise & understand the complexities of dyadic relationships. We can only hope, that appropriate education, will have a ripple effect among the masses. Our aim is to dispel propagated myths, to those, who have been miseducated by popular, ill informed media figures.” By Georgina Lees-Smith

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Simply Behaviour is a unique concept in dog training.

Beauceron Dog - Training, online dog courses

We have added our own unique approach based on scientific, proven and modern techniques. All our online courses are concise, easy to follow, progress is assessed and you can gain CEU’s on all of our courses.

Lessons consist of video demonstrations and explanatory text along with inclusive games. Because you can learn in your own home, at your own pace, there’s no pressure. We believe that having fun whilst learning is important for bonding and gaining a mutual appreciation via a communication platform i.e. training.

Those who complete their course successfully are awarded a certificate. Access is for life. We will from time to time update our resources and course material to make sure it is in line with new research.

See our online dog training courses page for more information on each course.


We appreciate that some people are unable to attend or even afford the endless stream and the latest trend in dog training. We want to bring affordable, high value information to everyone interested in behaviour.

Training halls can be overly stressful for dogs and owners, seminars can be expensive, far away and time consuming. Simply Behaviour offers a solution – to your mobile device/ home/PC etc and all of the information is permanently accessible so you can learn at your own pace. Plus our courses are highly affordable.

But shouldn’t you habituate your animal to different settings? Of course. But we believe you should do this at your own pace, as bad experiences could lead to your dog developing behaviour problems later on. The right kind of experience is much better than one that causes fear or bad associations at the time of learning.

Our ethos is about prevention  and that is why we want to make it so accessible to everyone.

We hope you enjoy working with us. Please email with any questions to: info@simplybehaviour.com

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